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yesterday the subway was closed between eglinton and bloor meaning hundreds of thousands of commuters stood on the street corner waiting for a shuttle bus.

also meaning jeremy and i took a really long walk

i hate being on transit when there’s any sort of delay because of the overwhelming feeling of helplessness. i hate waiting for the car to go. i hate sitting so close to someone that you’re each thrust unwillingly into each others space/sounds/worlds.

and i love how walking is the opposite of those things.

you can stroll, you can stop, you can get a peppermint mocha frappucino. you can hold hands, you can swing your arms, you can pass right on through the crowds. you can kick the leaves, you can yell out loud, you can kiss jeremy on the street corner. the light can change three times.

it took us nearly two hours to get home but we’d spent every minute of that doing just what we wanted to do. sometimes those things that hold us up can be the perfect reason to slow right down.

and sometimes there’s a drink in it for you with whip cream on top.


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steph said...

i like this post. city survival tactics.