potato hash with egg disaster

we were making this delicious dinner and jeremy asked me to look up why you add vinegar to the water when making a poached egg and this is what google told me:

vinegar should be added to the water as it begins to boil, as this will help the egg white to coagulate more quickly and form a neat and compact shape. without the vinegar, disaster may occur.

oh noo-ooo!! disaster!! i always knew eggs had a dangerous side.

mmmm, dangerous and delicious.


steph said...

i want to eat that

Anonymous said...

this is the noise of jenn eating good food:

"mmmmm. mmm! mmmm m mm mm mmmm!"

Sarah said...

Hi! I've never commented before, but I felt the need to tell you that disaster will most definitely occur without the vinegar. I ended up with yucky egg-water "soup" and it was not good, and I didn't eat it...
also, they say swirling the water with a spoon just before you drop the egg in helps...I tried that on the day without the vinegar...it didn't help do anything but make a swirly egg soup.
But I imagine both tricks combined = magic.
yours look like they turned out, so that's super...supper.

Well, also have to say that I love your blog. And congratulations on your marriage and all that love.

jennifer robeson said...

everyone can come for dinner! i'll make some cake too.


ps thanks for the tip sarah! and really nice note. oo - are those the hugs of xo's? that's what i am meaning.