shiny happy grapefruit

i'm reading a book called 'you are here', subtitled 'discovering the magic in the present moment'. the delicious (and humorous) allure of judging that title aside, i do think there's something to this notion that you aspire to live your life, fully, in the here and now.

there are times it's easier to live in this mindful way. like when you're preparing a grapefruit on a saturday morning and you find yourself completely taken by its smell and its shape and the way the sun is drawn to it like something it remembers creating.

you notice the asymmetrical segments of citrus, hinting at hearts or teardrops, and you understand in that moment, there's nothing more worthy of your full attention.

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steph said...

i would like to read this book. perhaps we can trade once i'm done reading "the happiness project", which i chose because it made me think i might learn to live a little more like you do :).