moe moves abroad.

one last look out the window before it's time to leave for switzerland!

travelling by mail it's important to have all your paperwork in order.

moe wonders if he shouldn't have removed his tam for the passport photo. concluding he looks stately, he dismisses the thought.

time to prepare the care package. will a turtle snack keep in the mail?

goodbye, moe! don't forget your manners and your good breeding.


G. said...

I m looking forward to introduce Moe to the family and bring him with me everywhere I go, I hope he can make it for the first week end up to st Moritz for the snowboard season to begin! I m sure he will love mountains and winter in Switzerland (not nearly cold as canada!).

steph said...

GAAA! i love that he has his own passport! you are such a terrific genius. wonderful. bon chance Moe!

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Bye Moe! Kind of sad to see you go but happy for you! Love your passport photo. Send me a postcard if you get the chance!

G. said...

Moe is going to be in AWESOME HANDS... I'll keep you posted with all the places he is going to see!! He will leave inside my SUITCASE :)

Anonymous said...

Even though Halloween is over, Simone said she wasn't ready to hibernate yet. The other bats went away, but she's sticking around with the owls for now. At least until the snowflakes come.