out to lunch

the place i work, the actual physical landscape where i go every day of the week to do my job, is unbelievably beautiful.

the truth about occupations, even if you enjoy them, is that they're work. deadlines and accountability and expectations can add up to a healthy sum of stress no matter who you are and how many downward dogs you do.

but when you work in a space as magical, as wild, as engaging to all of your senses,

and when you can walk out of your office and into that space for your lunch,

or for a stroll,

or to sit on the ledge of the north slope and marvel at the fall colours - weaving bracelets out of grass,

you count your lucky stars that somehow the world conspired to bring you there. and you think that any sort of stress can't help but be beaten back by the patient, gracious grandeur of nature.


melly said...

Oh this is nice. I love the high contrast of colours. I love where we work. I love YOU!

steph said...

these pictures look like paintings!!!! WOW. stunning!

also your hair matches fall. just sayin.

lily said...

i want to come to work with you. like take your kid to work, only we can call it "take your giraffe friend to work". ok?

jennifer sorrell said...

AB-solutely. you can sit with me at my desk and we can plait each others locks.