for now, this is a Prince blog.

if getting michael jackson tickets and not getting to see michael jackson was the biggest concert let down in my wee little life, then getting prince tickets and going to see prince was the best consolation prize.

prince was PHENOMENAL.

from the moment he popped out of the floor of his namesake symbol shaped stage, with gold glittered (well fitted) pants, the crowd was HIS. he looked great, he sounded incredible, he was epic and intimate at once. he played four different guitars, he did three costume changes, he danced his fancy footwork from one end of that swirly stage to the other.

he did an mj cover of don't stop 'til you get enough and he did an explosively epic version of when doves cry during his second encore when the crowd REFUSED to go home. seriously, the house lights were on and people were mopping the stage but we all kept clapping and screaming and he came back out and that telling guitar solo started and i actually. lost. my. mind.

even now, the morning after, with my sore throat and my slow ass version of itunes downloading the best of prince album, when i think about last night i get goosebumps. THAT is what concerts are all about.

i actually transcended to a higher plane. prince was there, singing raspberry beret.


jennifer sorrell said...

“What do you have to do tomorrow?” Prince asked the crowd about 30 minutes in. “Alright if we stay here a while?”


melly said...

Isn't that so interesting how a crowd of 30,000+ people can feel INTIMATE?!

But it can! it CAN! People who "hate" stadium shows just haven't been to a stadium show featuring their favourite band. Suddenly you're in a room of 30,000 people, all swaying and singing the same words, and you realize how music is this big connecting force between you all.

OH. MUSIC. If Florence comes to Toronto WE ARE GOING.

steph said...

I thought he would do an MJ cover!!!!!!!! I didn't want to suggest it to you in case you got your little sparkled heart set on it but I THOUGHT SO. That is so incredible! I am so excited for you, your description gave me goosebumps!!! WOOO PRINCEY! Ahhhh I know just how you feel right now.

Melly is right- when Tom Petty played Free Falling you would THINK that most people would be "over" that song and go get beers then but every SINGLE person stood up and sang along and they kept running the lights over the crowd and it sounded so wonderful I cried.

and you gals should totally see Florence she is not to be missed live!!!

jennifer sorrell said...
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