a taster

happy weekend! long weekend! joy and rapture! and i don't mean that kind of rapture. although honestly if the world is going to end why not over a long weekend when no one is working and everyone is happy and wearing sunglasses.

i made chowder! clam chowder with carrots and red potatoes and giant amounts of butter and cream! it was very delicious as butter always is. i mean creamy butter. i mean chowder.

and last night we had pitas with olives and tzatziki and tomatoes and cucumbers and hummus and sprouts. mmmm sprouts. did you know that sprouts are a super food? they have so much to offer you'll feel guilty not having anything good to give in return. here take my chocolate almond ice cream bar?

they're packed with vitamins and enzymes and they help you digest and absorb nutrients and live forever.

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