leisure suit larry

jer and i are leisure time experts. we'll get home from work and be out of our clothes and into a beer in like thirty seconds flat. just, BAM, ok now for some fun.

we do all different things with our leisure time like researching or drawing or reading or cooking or dancing or making out, but the objective is always the same which is to get down to relaxing as soon as humanly possible.

we throw our bags in the closet and our pants on the floor. we chuck our cares out the window and our worries in the black bag that we use to take out the recycling. we sing.

when people ask us if we have plans and we don't have a dinner or a party or a fundraising function to point to we feel (sort of) guilty but the truth is, we're just very busy being idle.

we're not lazy you
see, we're campaigning for a leisurely lifestyle. one pantless evening at a time.


steph said...

best post ever. i LOVE you guys so much.

jennifer sorrell said...

we love you too, pickle. gherkin, pickle.


melly said...

And they're all jealous, those curious question askers. Love love love ya.

lily said...

i like it. a lot. and in fact, peter and i do the same thing at approximately 7:31 when 2 little ladies are fast asleep in their beds. i love being idle. and drinking beer.

jennifer sorrell said...

good for you, giraffe!
i'm glad you're doing your part to spread the idleness westwards. and i'm not surprised, your idle heart and mine found each other over too many bottles of wine.