estephie gherkin.

i talked to you last night on the phone! we laughed when i called right at 8 on the button like i used to show up at your door, so punctual and enthusiastic. you make me feel enthusiastic.

we've been friends for 8 years now which is long enough to have pictures together that we're both embarrassed of. like the halifax photo in the dark bar. only now i look at that and see our happy faces, under my hilarious hair.

when i think about how much you've given me, it's almost indecipherable from what i've always had but i'll remember you introduced me to that part of myself and feel thankful.

you try and you're loving and you're smart which are all such commendable qualities in a human being. you are a nice human being.

and you're one of the funniest people i know. like comic funny with how you move and how you talk and that time in cuba when your arms flailed and you hit the lamp and you called me a crumb bum.
you know what you are stephanie perkins? you're a crumb bum! my favourite crumb bum in the world.


Anonymous said...

aww steph we miss you. also, its funny that you cant click your heels. you would fail at being a munchkin.

steph said...

you're MY favourite crumb bum in the world! oh i love this- thank you so much! i didn't know these pictures existed either, hahaha. i miss you guys too, i miss you SO much, you mean so very much to me and to my world and to MY existence, you are my family, you are my people. you know you make me a good person right? in my daily life i try to be like all the things i admire about you. and the list really is endless. xoxoxoox

and yeah i would fail at being a munchkin baha jeremy. i don't even look CLOSE to clicking my heels in these, wow. good thing im awesome at cartwheels.