i send greetings

we often identify ourselves by our differences. i am a girl and you are a boy. i have long hair and you shave your head. you have a masters and i dropped out of english literature at brock university because i thought partying was more important at the time, (and maybe it was).

i am tall you are short. i have freckles you have none. i am poor and you are rich.

let’s instead consider our commonalities. you are human and i am too. to survive we both need food and water and warmth. to flourish we both need acceptance. we live together on planet earth which is
very neighborly when you consider the vast size and foreverness of the universe. we’re both made of molecules and water and some sort of electrical something that moves everything along. we both have brains and hearts. we both have likes and dislikes. we both worry and wonder and want.

i read a quote the other day that stuck with me like the gum you didn’t see coming two sidewalk squares back and it's from lord of the rings and it went like so:

tell me, who are you, alone, yourself and nameless?

it’s easy to define ourselves by our relationships and circumstances and wood framed school certificates but none of those things get to the essence of who we are when you shed the stuff that they’re dependant on. the best i can so far figure is i’m a part of the universe which means i am a part of everything else that is part of the universe which means you and i are way more connected than we walk around thinking we are.

which is a really nice thing to figure.


steph said...

i love this thought! and i totally feel the same plane.

Anonymous said...

i like your deep posts

melly said...

I'm sitting in a coffee shop sipping iced coffee out of a straw in a mug, catching up on your blog on my tiny iPhone. I love this post and I love you! I think I ought to go away again so your posts can be saved up for one intense read on one muggy Sunday afternoon once more... But no, perhaps you should just write more and more and more.