jeremy took me on a date on friday and not just any ol' date, a real surprise 'meet me after work at this location and i'm going to take you someplace' date. there were even reservations. under sorrell.

he took me to starfish on adelaide just west of victoria and we had beers and oysters and the fanciest french fries a potato could aspire to. and i saw this guy from rush!

celebrity sightings are odd but mostly because you realize they're just people with hair doos and funny goatees and they like to eat at restaurants on friday nights and sometimes they must wish they could go places without people like me, gawking, thinking they're someone from U2. i didn't realize who it actually was until i got home and googled 'starfish, celebrity sighting'.

turns out geddy lee just loves those oysters.


Alison said...

I love that place! Did you know the owner's name is Patrick? It make me think of Patrick the Starfish!

steph said...

my friend Al would FLIP OUT if he knew this. people are serious about rush. i myself am more serious about oysters. sounds awesome!

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Totally bloody amazing!!!
I l-o-v-e oysters and beer too for that matter but to see geddy lee is down right cool!!!
And what a romantic Jeremy is...way cool kiddo :)