i am always making this face. or a variation of this face. i feel like someone could squint their eyes and still pick me out by my oversized grin that some aren't sure to take seriously. but oh i'm serious. it's 7 am and it's earth day and i have a sign and a group named 'plants and animals'.

250 school kids from different schools came out to spend the day planting trees and learning stuff. we waited with our signs as the buses dropped them off in droves. it's that moment when you're hopeful for organization. later you're happy the day has become it's own organic thing.

we planted white birch, white pine, dogwood, cherry blossom and spruce trees. i think some elders too. the kids liked to ask what each tree was good for which is an easy question with a big long list of answers. they're good for us! for animals! for the earth and the air and anyone who likes to lie in the shade!

an alarming number of children were reluctant to touch the worms. just go for it kiddies! worms are just people in slimy, no-eyed outfits. who eat dirt and reproduce with themselves.

this picture got printed and is hanging at work, on the wall in front of our two desks. it's the third in a series. it's great to find a kindred spirit who gets the importance of balancing do-gooding and taking pretty pictures to document it.

we're deers! or egyptians. or old and losing our hearing.

the richmond hill paper took this photo for, i'm assuming, the front page. though they didn't ask our names i'll bet the caption reads "girls in brown tops save earth and have fun doing it".

happy earth week, everyone. if trees had hands we'd hold them! and wash off the sap before eating.


steph said...

how wonderful, sincerely. you look so pretty and in your element! go earth go you!

Alison said...

Oh my god I love the part about the worms!!

Miss Yu said...

Awwww shucks.


Jennyflower's Mom said...

Happy Earth Day Jennifer:) I just knew you would have something wonderful and fun to do that day. It is such fun to see you at work with your friends in your element and smiling your one-of-a-kind happy smile :)