i drew all this stuff! myself! with the writing pad and software thinger that jeremy bought me for christmas!

the pad and pen are called bamboo and the program is corel and i highly recommend you get them both and take the tutorial and begin your career as a part time artiste. that's en francais for artist when you add the e on the end.

there's normal paint brushes and chalk and any other writing utensil you can think of transformed electronically but also there's patterns, like the cherry blossoms and ferns above.

there's exposures to play with and all sort of paper types to select and still the freedom to make blue dogs with wings, if that so be your desire.

here i started with a photo of a spider and changed it to a woodcut and played with the contrast and smudged in peaches and now it looks like people in a city who are pink.

i think modern art might be a happy mistake you make on the way to realism.

sally sells sea shells on the sea shore. the fish come to buy but the prices are too high and anyways, sally doesn't deal in soggy dollar bills.

i drew this snake with the vine pattern tool and the grass pattern tool then zoomed in to give him eyeballs and a tongue. now he lives in the computer waiting for me to draw him a mate.

after that he'll get a house and a car and a garden he can work in.

i'll pay him in pixels.


steph said...

i love the fish one!

i love seashells too!

these are cool!

jennifer robeson said...

thanks estephie! i'll draw you one for your wall you just tell me what you want. it can even be complicated like 'you fishing with your plaid coat on'.

steph said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! How incredible! It must be awesome fun to play with. I liked the fish a lot too but really loved the people in the city aka spider art!!