i am enjoying tai chi.

so far i have three of the one hundred and eight moves down pat and apparently there's quite a lot of the same move chucked in with the new ones so i'm looking forward to all the times i can say 'i've totally got this part!'.

i'm taking classes at a martial arts place and i might be one of the only one's who doesn't stay after to study kung fu. next week i'll also join the silent sitting meditation. twenty minutes sure sounds like a long time to be still but the teacher said 'we all start somewhere'.

he also said that learning tai chi is like learning a language - first you learn letters, then you learn words and soon you can write your own story. i love that.

you bow when you enter the room and you bow to everyone when you're through and the teacher says it was so nice to see you when you leave. like how that lady in romper room called out your name and you felt she could see you through the tv. what's the point of being here if you aren't recognized for your here-ness? i guess it's important to get to a place where you're happy with your own. where you can actually feel what it is to be connected to other people, the earth, the atmosphere, the energy of all of us suspended in space, without someone reminding you.

jeremy's dad made a tai chi joke about how i was going to hit him with a slow moving finger which is funny every time i think about it but also it's TRUE. underestimating the turtle, the rabbit loses in the end when he decides to take a nap in the middle of the race.

not that there's anything wrong with napping. or hitting if it's done in slow motion.


steph said...

i'm so glad for you you found this, honestly, i feel it will be JUST awesome for you.

BUT SITTING STILL FOR TWENTY MINUTES? you better tape a picture of james franco on the inside of your eyeballs.

jennifer robeson said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA oh lordie doodle steph that's so funny. and coincidentally how i get to sleep each night.