it is the springtime of my garden and my life.

i'm devouring books.

i have four on my nightside table - the farmers almanac, astronomy for dummies, a witch alone and the collected poetry of keats. on the subway ride to work i read a book about the tao te ching.

somehow they’re all connected.

i finished my book on ancient civilizations. i liked best the part about the egyptians and second best the part about the mesopotamians and third best the bit about the khmers of cambodia. they built grand palaces now completely overgrown by trees.

i like reading theories of how nature would reclaim the earth after something like 40 years if people ceased to exist. just YOINK i’ll take this building back with my massive roots, thank you very much! it’s good to remember it isn’t ours anyways. you take care of a shirt better when it’s only on loan, (or you feel worse when you spill mustard on it).

i spill things a lot. mostly all over myself. when jeremy and i first started dating i dropped a purple popsicle on my white sundress and he took it off and scrubbed it clean and when i looked at it, hanging to dry over the shower, i felt completely taken care of.

on tuesday i’m going to a tai chi class to learn to Carry Tiger to Mountain and Grasp Birds Tail and afterwards i'll meet woody harrelson in the park for some tea and quiet reflection. i love the idea of slow movement through space.

in my taoist book it talks about how in life we define things by their parameters - a cup is vessel made of glass, our home is made of walls and a roof - but that it's in the emptiness of the construct that we live, it's from the hole in the cup that we drink.

i love that. giving substance and importance to nothingness.

it's easter this weekend and we're going to phil's to eat turkey and wear paper crowns and to eat all madelyn's chocolate as a service to her because babies are allergic. or is that dogs? the rules of caring for children and pets are confusing and worrisome.

even sometimes i'm not sure what my plants are after. learning to sit quietly by them though, i'm much more likely to hear.


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