my mug, my man

i bought this mug for five dollars at a sidewalk sale in downtown oakville. i love it because i love turtles and well-made, large mugs with a bit of heft to them. i love how this one, for no obvious reason, has the word GREEN on the other side. maybe it's a turtle descriptor, maybe it's the artist's name, whatever it is it's there, affirmative and unapologetic. GREEN. i drink my GREEN tea from it and wonder if i'm getting some secret instruction right.

we love to sit in our sun room and draw. we draw each other, we draw our surroundings, we draw instructional posters on the perfect steeping time for black and herbal teas. nestled in amongst stacks of books and art utensils we pull from our sources as needed, for ideas, facts to illustrate and inspiration in its million feathered forms.

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