holy shit, i love you.

i am always learning things about love. friend love, family love, love for inanimate objects that i assign human emotions to, (i love you rock collection, and i know you love me back), and romantic/partnership/marriage love. this love is very interesting because it does not stay the same, as no great loves ever should, but changes and grows and continues in a forward motion, seemingly, of its own accord.

my love for jeremy does not stay the same. there are attributes, to be sure, that are consistent and foundational to our relationship, (trust, respect, kindness, care), but there are always new elements that we are adding and removing like our love is a thing we both nurture. it can be said, perhaps, that we're in a polygamous relationship with love. a threeway with love. we have an open love relationship. 

it's impossible, (though i try!) to be deliriously happy every second of the day, you need some time in there to brush your teeth and put on pants. i will admit though that i can never get far without being struck with such an immense love for jeremy and the life we share together, that i believe myself to be the absolute luckiest person alive. 

holy shit, eh? love.

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