box of chocolates

how do i pick a favourite? i can't. 

the truffles on the left, with their hint of chili spice, the chocolatier told jeremy you must hold them in your mouth for 20 seconds before you bite down. a delightfully impossible suggestion, i never made it past 5.

i thought the s's stood for sorrell, our own chocolate! monogrammed! that's better than housecoats or hand towels or small sheets of stationary with gold embossed corners. they were salted caramels and the s stood for salted or scrumptious or splendidly super sweets. 

i liked the violins, (the music they made could be tasted, not heard), the almond clusters, (crunchy, dark, delectable) and the perfectly polished round bavarian beer ball. how do they polish a chocolate, do you suppose? with tiny cloths and gold dusting and just the right exposure to sugar and sun.

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Jennyflower's Mom said...

OMG! They look amazing!! Where did you get them? I do so love truffles as they slowly melt away in all their chocolatey goodness...