nice drawers, bunny.

let's see what can i tell you. earth day happened and work was really busy like last year. a retail garden market opened at the office that sells not just plants but the kind of awesome vintage kitsch you wish you could afford to buy on etsy. or the housewares section of anthropologie.

i told the manager i'd volunteer all my lunch hours to help stare at the merchandise. i mean re-stock shelves.

i bought this letterpress tray there for putting cool small things into and because the tag almost says 'universe'.

i made a pink bunny for a pink lady as an easter gift. does anyone actually celebrate easter, the religious version? i definitely celebrate the chocolate version and the get-together-and-eat-turkey version but i'm not religious so sometimes it feels funny to even call what i'm celebrating 'easter'.

how about i'll call it 'time to thank our lucky stars it's spring finally'. that's a good, descriptive and accurate title.

i sang to this polka dotted lapin as i sewed her eyes on. i tried a few uplifting numbers but she preferred the melancholy looping of 'you're nobody till somebody loves you'.

or as i sang it to her, 'you're no-bunny till some-bunny cares'.


Jennyflower's Mom said...

She's such a lovely bunny!

steph said...

holy frig that bunny is so adorable! i hope madelyn picks it up and hugs it better than anything else she gets.