rat review

i'll begin by halfheartedly apologizing for being the kind of pet owner who thinks their pet is best then get right into telling you that rats are awesome little critters.

we kind of guessed/hoped they would be but you never know what's truth and what's pet propaganda. we've had them long enough now to know what's what and i gotta say if you like smart, clean, social, funny, cute, curious, monkey-kittens, then rats are for you.

they spend pretty much all day sleeping, know how to use a litter box and come when you call them. they never bite, make noise, or complain about jeremy's singing.

most active in the mornings and evenings, we'll open their cage to let them explore while we read or write or listen to the vinyl cafe. they love broccoli and yogurt and mixed leafy greens. they jump, they climb, they nestle in blankets. they nibble on books and stare out windows.

we get a lot of funny, surprised and sometimes negative comments about our choice of pet and it used to upset me in the same way that new ideas are vulnerable to blows before they're fully formed. my adoration of these little twerps is now fully formed.

they've chewed their way into our hearts with their whiskery faces and teensy little hands and i can't wait for summer and their matching bathing trunks.


melly said...

Oh god. You should tell those nay-sayers to shove the horse manure they dish out up their noses.

Alison said...

do you just let them run free? Do you worry you'll lose one of them? I have to say they're pretty darn cute.

jennifer sorrell said...

ew horse manure! even though i love horses. i do not love their manure.

mostly they're in their cage but we let them run around at least an hour a day. they love freedom.

steph said...

your pets have the nicest apartment ;)

Jennyflower's Mom said...

They are so darn cute!