pa rum pa pum pum

you know what's crusty and wildly outdated? external validation. you need this to do this. i'll tell you when you're ready. first you study then you do.

horse manure.

we learn by doing, by messing up, by exploring. we know ourselves not comfortably, inside the walls of order but naked, outside the gates of convention. which brings me here, to the scary but brilliant idea that the only real roadblock to finding your path and following your path – is you.

weed whacking your way in the world to create a life of freedom and expression and abundance, might never begin from a perfectly landscaped platform. i'll bet it starts best from a place of uncertainty, and faith, and brave marching to the beat of your very own drum. or the strum of your very own guitar that you make with rubber bands and a kleenex box.


steph said...

i LOOOOOOOOOVE THIS. i absolutely love this. mantra. you are brilliant. i love you, too.

melly said...

Hear, hear. Hear, hear.
Love ya.