a rat by any other name

we have some new tenants in our apartment. we invited them to live with us after we heard of their rather perilous previous living conditions and thought we could offer them a very good life. there are three in total but the sum of them fit snugly in jeremy’s housecoat pocket so they’re really not much bother. they like climbing and chewing and licking yogurt from a spoon. one is brave and one is shy and one loves napping best of all.

i made them a mobile that they ate and a quilt that they hide under and a hammock that they pile in to sleep away the afternoon.

they’re curious and clever and every time i peak in at them they’re always doing something interesting like makings nests from newspapers or discussing the rich, crisp writing style of beatrix potter.

they just love that ‘tale of two bad mice’. though i worry they’re getting some naughty ideas.


Jennyflower's Mom said...

How sweet is it having little ones around the house? The "pitter-patter of little feet" just took on new meaning ;)
You're a good mom.

jennifer sorrell said...

thanks mom :)

i'm not their mom though. more like their older, bigger friend who makes them things.