life is what happens when you're doing the dishes

i am in love with the etsy featured seller posts. maybe even more than the etsy shopping pages which is a Rather Big Statement i realize. it’s just so inspiring reading about people who are living their dreams, making things. i read their loves and interests and passions and think ME TOO ME TOO as though i’m connecting with a friend i haven’t met yet. listening to people describe their creative process and how they start their day completely office free, seamlessly incorporating errands and art is dreamlike and compelling, like the description of the book i just read.

the more i ponder on errands the more i believe they’re a part of your process. it isn’t holistic to separate the time for to-do’s and the time for creativity but is holistic to open yourself up to the possibility of the two intermingling. constantly. i’ve thought of some pretty awesome ideas doing some pretty mundane tasks and i can’t help but think that while my busy mind was quieted by the circular motion of the warm wet cloth on the plate, my ideas were free to find their way to me.

read the posts! they are spirited with such wonderful affirmations for the creative soul.

then do the dishes! and welcome the ideas that trickle in like the tap water.


Jennyflower's Mom said...

Wow..I feel like I want to say something but I can't find the right you will have to do

melly said...

I love the lovely things in your house. How lovely they are, yes they are, yes they are. How lovely you are in your house, yes you are, yes you are.