but the fire is sure delightful

after christmas we drove to a log cabin to spend some holiday time with the wilderness and jeremy’s side of the family.

just over the imaginary line separating our province from quebec’s, we turned on to a snowy logging road and drove into the woods. the evergreens were laden with the kind of snow that looks light falling but ends up sitting heavy, in large mounded piles, on their arms of green.

and i went ice fishing! it was neat. i laced up my snow boots and walked out on the ice, slowly at first, then with gusto like an explorer. in the morning we sat in the hut and by the afternoon we were out on the open ice.

the quiet lay like a blanket over the lake.

jeremy caught a lake trout and we fried it up for supper. i caught some sun and a windblown hair-doo.

we got home new years eve with enough time to unpack and settle into the couch with our glasses of bubbly. watching the pictures of our adventure on the tv screen, and smiling smugly to ourselves we thought, what a season.

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steph said...

oh man SO beautiful! i love that first shot especially! and the last one!
and now i need to nag ryan to take me ice fishing