and on his farm there was a goat

the best things about etsy are the handmade parts, the unique parts, the part where you think about someone on the other end making this goat and giving him a name and wrapping him up with an entourage of adorable paraphernalia.

like paper cranes and old photographs.

and thank-you notes on library cards.

little goat has made the transition to the barn without issue. though the high stakes poker games with donkey every thursday are a bit concerning, i'll admit a little competition has brought some colour to the farm.



what do goats say even?

probably "gimmie some cheese" or "just kidding, i can make my own".


Jennyflower's Mom said...

Welcome to that darn goat...I'm sure he's so happy to be in the red barn with donkey as his new friend.

steph said...

ohhhh i love him! he's perfect!

( everyeskimo ) said...

oh my goodness, i think i have a crush on you. your blog is wonderful and i think the darn goat has the best possible home.

i think goats make some sort of a baaa-ing noise. although i suspect this one snorts.

xox. regina

jennifer sorrell said...

well i have a crush on you and your special craftsmanship and wonderfully creative packaging methods! let's get married and have adorable goat children.

i'm sure jeremy won't mind.