my grandpa used to salvage things that people left outside the underground dumpster in his apartment building. like clocks and chairs and an old stuffed panda bear.

when we found this wooden barn sitting next to our garbage i thought of him when jeremy suggested we take it and clean it up and think of something to do with it.

at first he wanted to make it into a bird feeder but i got to love it after i washed its floors so now it lives on the red bench and slowly, guests are moving in.

there's an owl in the rafters and a donkey in the pen and once a month i think they'll be someone new. including maybe a vagabond who lives with the owl and can keep the place clean when we're busy.

i like to open the barn doors on days when it's really hot, you know how donkeys can get when there isn't a breeze.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I love it!! It's so grampy and so you guys! And I mean that in the nicest possible way :) And I think the donkey is so cute.

steph said...

absolutely adorable

kay zee said...

Soooo adorable. How could someone throw that away?