okay okay i admit it

i LOVE glee.

i think i'm a little late for the bus but i got on a few blocks up and i'm sitting, seat belt fastened, for the rest of the trip.

it's SOOOOOOO enjoyable! it makes me want to sing and dance even more than normal which is not one bit of a bad thing. and it makes me feel like i'm hugging jared for 44 minutes. also not bad.

this guy's so cute! and inappropriately aged! he reminds me of peter wildbore a bit which means, lily, i might have a new little crush on your husband. that's okay, right? if not i suggest we battle it out in song.

two last things to love include emma's adorable outfits and molly shannon as a guest star. molly shannon is the icing on my 'i think i like this' cake.

watch it watch it watch it! and if you are already watching let's pair up and sing our favourite ballads.


Miss Yu said...

This is my biggest secret too and I can't wait until you get to the end of the first season so we can gab about it.

kay zee said...

LOVED LOVED the first bit of the first season. Then it kinda DULLED on me. But only KINDA. Soooo...... I am going to tune in and see what's in store.

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Hey my mom had a brooch just like that! Right out of the 60s!! And OMG it is no surprise that you love it...It's just so you!

lily said...

lol! not battle necessary, i've always had a little crush on jer, so we're even. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know this website? http://wwepw.blogspot.com/

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?



Anonymous said...

Omg little sister of mine Taylor and I are both obsessed with this show.... I've watched every episode at least twice =) xo