up where the air is clear

flying a kite is a funny process made funnier when the guy beside you on the beach is the obvious winner (third time running) of the international kite flying competition. all our kite wanted to do was a big ol' circle followed by an even bigger nose dive into the sand and our friendly neighbour was basically riding his kite around while firecrackers trailed from behind.

every time we looked over, he'd be using a different kite, always way up in the sky, always doing some formation of loopdie loops and squiggle dee diggles and we couldn't stop laughing in between our own desperate attempts just to get ours out of the packaging.

but then we did it.

and it felt really great.

jeremy did all the hard work which should come as no surprise but i flew it once it was up and what a thing! to pull the string and feel as though you're tugging the wind!

i think it's my favourite element, wind. so strong though invisible. and i love what it does for my hair.

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Anonymous said...

How funny this was to see! Scott just bought me a kite to fly out back! I was reminiscing about flying kites in Ingersoll with Grampy and voila! There it is on your blog!!