a nursery is delicate work. each seed has a different shape to consider direction, each type has a different instruction to dictate how far down. in the end you sow the seeds and wish them individual luck and hold your breath until something green pokes through the peat pellet.

this is our first year growing a garden! in nesting preparations i made sticks with labels and pictures in case reading is ever too laborious. the seeds start inside before the last frost and we encourage them with care and the vibrations from the train and the theme song from buffy.

i run over to see them if we've been out for more than an hour in case they're the sorts who like to do things in private.

there's chamomile and lavender and purple coneflower, verbana and gaillardia and sunflowers. sea holly, moonflower, snapdragons and a big bag of wild flowers for all the in-betweens.

some are annuals and some are perennials and some bloom at night and emit a sweet scent. some can be cut for a vase on the table and some can be dried to bring sweet dreams.

some bring butterflies.

come out, come out and see the world! in all its splendid cycles! we can't wait for summer picnics in the garden, i have just the hat.


steph said...

wow so many! i cant wait to trip on my sock and crash into them and send them flying all over the place
ill be careful i promise

what a great project!

lily said...

your seeds look great. and they also kind of look like little mini chocolate cakes, and that makes me hungry.

Alison said...

You've inspired me to try this again. The first time I tried I lived in an apartment with mice and when they started to sprout a mouse came along and ate everything.