hang dry the linens! fluff the feather bed! estephie gherkins is coming to toronto!

she sent me this lion photo a while back and i saved it in my email to look at when i needed a dandy lion lift. monday's are good for those.

steph arrives sunday and leaves the following monday and any large gifts of welcome can be sent here, attention me. i'll be sure she gets them after they are tested for quality control.

what do people who love each other send in the mail besides flowers? giant cookies with icing sugar happy faces, of course! and don't forget the sunglasses!

i wonder what the cookiegram person thought after receiving this order. maybe that i was 10 and in love with someone inappropriately aged.

today we're going to jenn cairns house to visit her new kitchen. she just got her whole first floor done on a tv show so she's famous now but still quite humble as she managed to squeeze us in for lunch. i'm going to take her a plant to give those tiles something living to aspire to. or remember. do tiles come from living stuffs?

i had a thought last night about babies and how much plastic things babies are surrounded with in the form of toys and bottles and vibrating chair type devices. i wonder what consequences there are for so much plastic so early on in life.

when i look at pictures from my childhood and i'm indoors in the picture but there's a window in the background and i can see the outside with the trees and the pond, i physically ache for returning to that kind of simplicity. that honest beauty that nature does better than anyone.

we're lucky where we are, living in the city but so close to trails and ravines and a sky less interrupted by light, but i still see more buildings than trees. and i still long to get back to where that isn't so.

my mom's garden is starting to bloom. in bc the spring comes sooner cause even the seasons are a sucker for the sea.

jeremy just came in to find me in the nest chair in the reading room. he stuck his head in the door and made a beeping sound and i replied with more beeping and we laughed at how strange we both are. and how lucky.

i'll go make us some coffee and we'll enjoy it together on the couch before the day slowly chugs into motion.


steph said...

and flowers and linens and i love how you said LARGE gifts ahahahahaa.

see you guys tomorrow! so excited!

Anonymous said...

You guys should have such an awesome week! Enjoy!