i have important news! i'm an astronomer!

i joined the
royal astronomical society of canada
! i've enjoyed stargazing for as long as i can remember but beyond picking out a constellation or two, i'm only really skilled at looking up with my mouth open in awe of the night sky.

my new membership includes a local astronomy guide, a subscription to a bi-monthly astronomy magazine, access to telescope rentals and members-only viewings of exciting astronomical happenings at the local observatory. like meteor showers! and asteroids!

once a year there's a convention for members to learn about top secret astronomer-only information. my welcome package says 'members are invited to participate in a weekend of sharing astronomical ideas, projects, and, especially, good times'.

PERFECT! i love good times.

jeremy is an associate member which means he gets some of my full membership privileges but not all. like he doesn't get a vote in national society affairs . this really changes the whole power dynamic in our house.

to infinity and beyond!



Jennyflower's Mom said...

That sounds so fun! Especially the part about the shift in power :) Way to go my little Buzz Lightyear!

Anonymous said...

associate membership is just as valid! dont insult my astronomical choices!