i thought it was going to take way longer for things to start growing since i only planted seeds last weekend but seeds sure like to prove me wrong or knock my socks off or both things at once, those little rascals.

i don't really understand what the trigger is for them to turn from seed to seedling, i've been told it has to do with the seed feeling energy in the soil and just knowing that it's time to go.

whatever it is, it's amazing and when i saw the first green bits of plant busting through the soil in my peat pot nursery, it was a moment my downstairs neighbours will always remember.

on a small scale it's the study of plants, on a large scale it's the study of all life created from a single seed. some of these sprouts are actually edible as is but i'm just too anxious to watch them grow to end it now.


if i wake up with a beanstalk leading up and out the window, i'm totally climbing it.

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Jennyflower's Mom said...

Wow! You have a green thumb! Good job!