oh hey december! what's up?

there aren't normally flowers in december are there?

it's raining out now which is odd for this time of year. i wonder if tomorrow will be an ice rink outside and everyone will take the day off work to skate around to the charlie brown christmas music.

there's some new things around here to report on - this baby for one. we actually already love her after only a three hour visit. some sales pitch!

she tooted the whole time i held her and it made me love her more.

just like what jeremy says about me. xx

look at her she's amazing.

also this picture is new! it's our honeymoon crown and it's signed by the artists and we're very proud of our first work of art.

it reminds me of our honeymoon. which is a lovely thing to be remindered of.


steph said...

oh i love the crown
and the baby

Miss Yu said...

Awwwwwww how beautiful!

(the baby too...)

steph said...

she looks like an actual doll