look at this christmas present! what a nicely shaped head! aw madelyn slept through most of christmas but i think she still enjoyed the parts she was awake for. especially that time when i sang her that song and she ralphed on my knee. that's the spirit kiddo!

she's still amazing. and still so new.

like children, it is very hard to pick favourites with christmas gifts from jeremy but if i was forced to pick by means of good spirited torture, i'd pick this necklace. it's a helicopter key painted in silver and i adore it.

i've worn it every day since the day it became mine and when i look at it i think about nature and jeremy and those are my two favourite all time things.

mincemeat is a family tradition! my grandpa used to come over christmas morning for a mincemeat tart and a cup of black coffee. they taste best warmed, with a dollop of whip cream and frank sinatra singing christmas carols in the background.

my new slipper socks came with a note 'to my wife' which is how i knew they were for me. i'm a christmas wife! that's like a christmas elf but with pantyhose.

one time steph and me wanted to get matching pairs of these but for now she can borrow the left one next time she visits.

jeremy likes this comic called scary go round and commissioned the artist to do a drawing of me in my yellow dress making lemonade isn't it AWESOME?! this cartoon version of me is a bit better endowed but thanks to the artist for taking that liberty. also when jer sent him the photo he said 'she has a lovely face it would be a pleasure to draw her' and so now i have factored this person into our will.

so special! i've never in my life received such fabulous gifts. jeremy knows me inside/out. and outside/in in backwards world.

this was the last gift i opened and it was a BOX of beautiful clothes. that grey dress is getting it's own post and that bit of morning yellow in the corner is the sweetest, softest sweater that ever there was.

thank you isn't enough for these thoughtful, special, amazingly generous gifts. that you're my husband is a grey dress gift every day.

there's animals here in the country house. a cat and a big brown dog. there's a fireplace and a rolling hill out back and i use the binoculars every morning to look closely at the woodpecker at the feeder.

i wonder if he knows it's christmas. i wonder if he has a tiny new years eve hat for later.



steph said...

totally deserving of being spoiled tho <3

jennifer robeson said...

AW SHUCKS! thanks estephie. you're deserving of one million grey (down by the river) dresses yourself.

let's wear them together on the same day.

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful things...perfect for you. He does know you that's for sure. And to know you is to love you baby :)