HI! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! we've just been over here having the nicest little holiday. i know you have too i felt your merry vibes.

phil bought us hot chocolate and marshmallows from william sonoma and he left the price sticker on and we both thought he'd lost his british marbles to pay that much for hot chocolate and marshmallows but now that i've had some, i'd pay double.

it's chocolate shavings that you whisk in heated milk and it's like liquid gold if gold tasted like chocolate which it should if it wants to go anywhere in life. MMMM! we added in a shot of irish cream and then we died and went to heaven.

chocolate hand-made marshmallows. magic words.

cheers from the country house! we bought that pineapple in the background to remember fondly where we were last christmas but honestly, there isn't anywhere i'd rather be than here.



steph said...

GAWWWWWWWWWWWW miss you guys!!!
looks/sounds/is incredible

Alison said...

I want some!