joyful and triumphant

the time for holiday parties has arrived! we had my work one thursday night and chad and ryan's last night and one with jenn cairns at our house on sunday and the line between each blurs together like a perfectly whipped meringue.


i love santa claus and baked goods and skipping around the house singing little drummer boy. i love wrapping jeremy's christmas presents and thinking about him opening them and how hard it will be keeping the contents a secret until after the bow comes off.

it was secret santa at work all week and my favourite part was confessing to my secret santa that it was me who hung the christmas balls from the ceiling over her desk. i had to use a ladder.

i snagged someone's baby at the thursday party realizing after doing so that i didn't really know the mom and didn't really ask permission but it was cool cause everyone was passing around food and drinks and adorable babes in red jumpers.

it's just that kind of season.



Jennyflower's Mom said...

Looks like Jeremy snagged an adorable baby too!
It all looks so fun! What a great season :)

steph said...

awwwwwww looks so fun!! hi guys! happy hollydays. xoxox