things he has learned in his life so far

i first came across stefan sagmeister on ted talks. i liked his humour, his punchy revelations and his stylish hairdo. i ordered his book through the library and read it all this morning, stopping just the one time to grind a fresh pot of coffee.

then i wrote him a note to say thanks. now i'm writing on here to tell you.

'things i have learned in my life so far' is a collection of mini books, each one a line from a diary entry he'd written under a title of the same name. things like 'everybody who is honest is interesting' and 'having guts always works out for me' are illustrated in a vast variety of unique typographic methods including collage, photography, and large scale art installation.

jeremy and i always make wise cracks about the quote 'love laugh live' or the million other lululemon variations on the theme but truthfully, i love a good quote. something you can attach yourself to. something truthful. something said in just the right way to mean something, personally, to you.

my honest thought is that in life we are alone. we are born alone and we die alone and if we take away our need to be accepted and loved, the only person we must ultimately answer to is ourselves.

reading something that moves us or informs us or reminds us that in being alone, we are actually together, is in my opinion the highest function of art.

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melly said...

yes. this is awesome. it's so true. this one is a typical one but so true: "you cannot rely on anyone but yourself." i guess it's about being accountable to you first.

love ya.