the question of little people

we don't know if we want to have kids. and it isn't about not liking kids or not liking our friends kids or thinking that kids are a wild and crazy choice - it's just about us being happy with the way our lives are now and unsure/unready to do something that will drastically change that.

but this holiday, and maybe madelyn wooed us with that magical morning smile, our thoughts about having kids shifted.

there's still a general feeling of resistance when we think about giving up sleep and our own agenda, but there's also this feeling that we hadn't considered before about family and creating our own. someone who could grow up with madelyn. someone who could learn things and later, could teach us things. someone brand new. someone who would look like little jeremy. or little me. or little us combined.

timing is everything and living in toronto and both working full time jobs and squeezing every selfishly indulgent moment out of our down time isn't the time to have kids. but it is a nice time to consider that they may be an option one day.

if we can eventually learn to share the crayons.


Jennyflower's Mom said...

You make my heart smile :)

melly said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You two would have the smartest, coolest, loveliest, handsomest girl or boy or both in the whole wide world.

steph said...

GAH! okay i'm gonna try super super hard not to get super super excited about the thought of a teeny jenemy! but this is so beautiful. i can feel you, i can feel through your words what this trip has done for you. i am SO happy for you, and your lovely life (that i get to be in). xoxoxoxo

jennifer sorrell said...

JENEMY! haha that's so beautiful.
or JERIFER? or Stephanie Perkins. named after our first, adopted child.

steph said...

hahaha jerifer is way better. maybe jerifer stephanie perkins sorrell?

lily said...

i vote for jerifer. and i vote for you to have kids. soon. xoxo