look away

whenever jeremy and i visit someplace beautiful we like to joke about how hideous it is. you can only behold so much beauty without surrendering to a little sarcasm so we'll see our tenth dramatic landscape, roll our eyes, and say 'gross'.



just horrendous.

every seaside walk we took, every hilltop moor we traversed, every charming, wooden post we followed to some craggy, cliffside view seemed more bewitching than the last. some days i felt like weeping with emotion, truly moved by the grand and unforgiving wildness. other days we'd joke how the sheep should manage to live in such squalid conditions.

this trip was a perfect balance of the kind of beauty that knocks you on your ass, and the light good fun that allows you to absorb it.


steph said...

yaaaaaay!! i'm so happy for you. and i feel so lucky i get to see it through your eyes. these pictures are amazing! i'm glad you had such a beautiful birthday. xxoo.

melly said...

OH GOD. My heart hurts. What BEAUTIFUL IMAGES. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! GAH I LOVE YOU. All that I just can't contain these random thoughts.

Dollar Store Bunnies band mate said...

I love you! You are my kindred heart soul!

Anonymous said...

Stunning, Jenn. Just awesome. - Erin

lily said...

ugh, my eyeballs. those are the ugliest pictures i've ever seen.