the universal lingo of funny

i walked into the kitchen at work today and quietly started to prepare my lunch. there were others around doing much the same and we shared the kind of comfort that lets silence be silence which is nice and industrious but in a good way. like bees.

in the midst of this dance i tried and failed to lightly knock a cupboard door closed. i lightly tried again. i tried a third time less lightly and by the fourth more forceful attempt my small group of kitchen compatriots and i broke the silence with a gush of honest laughter.

i thought about the power of our actions to convey funny. funny as an expression, funny as an action, funny as a shared understanding of the humour in every day life.

charley harper one time wrote 'i laugh to keep from screaming' which sounds scary but i think he meant that laughter is the thing that connects and heals and helps us through the weight of life. it cracks us up. it shows us our humanity. it reminds us that everyone has days that take four times to close the cupboard door.


steph said...

physical funny is something extra hilarious we have in common i feel. i think we bring it out in each other. you know, when we're pounding on each other. this post made me miss you hard, perfect visual. anyway, i like the sentiment a lot, and how you make it a real thing.

jennifer sorrell said...

it's TRUE! we do have it in common. i feel like we could have a vaudeville road show in another life. you can wear the top hat. x

Anonymous said...

i find it hard to believe that you were doing something quietly.