fancy a swing?

this is the time of year when our house re-arranging bones start aching for something new. maybe it's all the extra time we spend indoors looking around us. or maybe it's the hint of spring that makes us feel restless and ready to build things.

we have exciting plans for a climbing tree for the ladies and i can't stop dreaming of an indoor swing for us.

from - ouno designs

i love the dark distressed wood and the mile high ceilings and the beautiful white light juxtaposed against the dark. i bet there's a time of day when you can actually swing into the sunshine. and i bet in the afternoon you can just touch it with your toes.

from - lakbdesign/fergusandme

i think we need to make a paper crane mobile. for the one room without a mobile, you know, the closet.

i love the floor and the brick and the ladder leading nowhere. it'd be fun to surround the swing in plants and pretend you're in a garden.

sometimes when i see designs that aren't yet my taste i think that maybe one day they will be. like the year we wake up and jeremy's in his smoking jacket and we sheared those sheeps ourselves and i'm re-reading something by proust and drinking a noon-time cocktail. i bet we're listening to a radio show. i bet it'll spark a debate.


steph said...

hahahah doesn't jeremy already wear a smoking jacket? the swing is awesome x100000 DO IT

Tara said...

I think we could use a paper crane mobile too. Definitely put in a swing.