one of the great things about being with jeremy and having our own little family of two is the opportunity to create our own traditions. some are pulled along from our childhoods, some are borrowed from things we've seen and liked, but some are entirely new and made up as we experience them and enjoy them and wish to pronounce them our own.

consciously creating traditions that are personally meaningful and joyful can make you feel like you're driving your own ship in a sea of sometimes-sameness. holidays become yours when you decorate with your own special bits. with those things you hold sacred. with those things you hold dear.

like a christmas eve walk in the woods. and a christmas eve farm visit. spending time outdoors in and amongst animals we were reminded how the natural world makes no distinction between one day and the next. cows don't know it's christmas after all but they do know it's a day. a day with sunshine and water and fresh hay.

being close to that kind of simplistic way of living is a charming and a gentle reminder that the things we honour are not homogeneous, but that the desire for life is.

the desire to live it, the desire to create your own traditions to celebrate it, and the desire to sometimes stop to watch a cow eat hay.

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