easy like a monday morning

i'm loving how vacation is ridding the days of their usual connotations. monday morning? i welcome you! sit with me on the nest chair with my cup of coffee while we create away the hours before jeremy wakes.

did you have a lovely christmas? me too. every year the gifts i get from jeremy are more and more wonderful and perfectly perfect for me. the people downstairs must have wondered what the hay as i ran through the upper octaves of my noises of delight. oh, don't mind me, i just opened a handmade robot. and a science kit. and two beautiful new dresses. and an antique chest full of art supplies. and a charcoal cable knit sweater that's hugging me still, right down to my knees. oh yeah, christmas was real lovely.

mom got us a dehydrator so we can't wait to make banana chips and phil got us a telescope so we can't wait to tour the sky and basically if you want to see us any time in the next few months be prepared to involve yourself in some sort of science craft astronomy bird watching food preservation activity.

which is business as usual i guess. but with sweeter props.

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Jennyflower's Mom said...

vacation time is wonderful isn't it?!