it's coming on christmas they're cutting down trees

signs of the holidays in the sorrell house include an increase in hot brandied tea consumption and a special musical guest on the picture wall.

my grandpa had one christmas decoration that he left up all year-round. it was a peanut with googley eyes and felt reindeer antlers and it hung from his lamp and every month or so he'd give it a dusting. this guy reminds me of that guy! maybe they're cousins.

i love these cards from steph. perhaps in twenty years i'll open an exhibit of all my favourite christmas cards and charge 5 candy canes for admission and make the invitations out of the hot toddy card lily gave me a while back.

we thought about a potted tree this year - something we could decorate and then plant - but it seems as though potted trees don't enjoy the indoors for very long and there's nothing festive about holding trees hostage. and dressing them up first.

so i made a tree out of pussy willow branches! and decorated it with all my old ornaments!

i love those people in the bed. one of the legs is broken off which means they've really been getting busy in storage.

i'm weaning myself slowly off christmas balls in glass bowls by resting christmas tops on window ledges. good compromise.

making wrapping paper is cheap and easy and fun and you use a potato as a stamp and any thickish paper like packing paper or butcher paper or the brown paper you mail parcels in.

just get jeremy to cut the potato shape for you. it's safer that way.



steph said...

love your wrapping and stamps and decorations and I LOVE YOUR BALLS

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Hehehe...I recognize some of those little ornaments :) Reminds me of one of my first Christmases only I used a branch off a pine tree in a bottle of water...looks great guys!
Happy almost Christmas!

Melly said...

I love you you little potato stamp you.