this is very tasty and very easy and those are two good very’s for a meal to be.

it’s not my recipe, it’s william’s. do you know william? william sonoma? he always wears decorative aprons with pockets to hold his decorative kitchen gadgets. one time my friend derek and i went to the william sonoma gadget section and made up new uses for all the cool things there. like that seagull does with forks and pipes in little mermaid.


this potato salad is made with red potatoes and green beans and chickpeas and dressed up with mustard and capers and other things i can't remember right now but they all go together so nicely in a springy potatoey medley.

i'm going to sing a potatoey medley right now.

potatoes are neat, potatoes are nice,
you can eat them just plain or you can eat them with spice.
they're good in the oven or mashed up with butter,
if you don't like them french fried you're probably a nutter.

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Jennyflower's Mom said...

Hahaha! I recognized this recipe!! Very yummy! And I loved your potato song, by the way :)