i love the outdoors. which is one of those real obvious statements for me to make but i want to make it again. I LOVE THE OUTDOORS.

i feel like maybe i'm an alien like the ones in cocoon only it isn't the pool that charges me up but my connection to the ground. if i'm barefoot, if i feel the earth, if the wind is brushing at my cheek and knotting up my hair - i'm happy.

if jeremy's with me i'm happier still.

if there's a fresh pan of nachos and cold beers on hand i've most likely died and gone to heaven.


steph said...

mmmmmmmm me too
outdoor nachos are the best kind too

Miss Yu said...

Mmmmmmmmmm globs of sour cream.

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Never mind that nachos are one of my favourite foods, man...there's cold beer!! Woo-woo!