there's lots that makes camping cool but high on that list for me is the absence of artificial light. the dark night is total and the stars shine like a billion pin pricks through a navy quilt sky.

also cool - skipping stones.

me and jeremy think that moose have been pieced together with bits from other animals. like this is a donkey/camel. with a slight hint of giraffe.

i love this picture. michelle took it and put it on facebook and mel wrote under it 'what a good woman, holding her man's towel' and it made me feel proud.

thumbs up for camping! that's my favourite slogan second to 'i love trees'.


steph said...

first picture AMAZING
last picture SO CUTE!

r/r said...

we call them swampdonkeys sometimes but you're right they got the hump, so. they also have a hint of horse and, you're right, giraffe.