thursday morning

we got up early, we always do.

i had yogurt and a nearly overripe banana. a tall glass of water. a deep breath.

jeremy had cereal and the sound it made as he poured it into his bowl was nearly musical in the atmospheric quiet of the morning. like little chimes. or little drops into a little void.

we went for a jog. 50 minutes at a decent pace. it's not my legs that feel tired in the end but my heart and my lungs. it's pleasing to think about them being exercised. pulled and kneaded into acceptance. the flush of new oxygen coursing throughout by way of new blood, inwards outwards, outwards in.

back home we stretched. showered. blended fruit with milk and a scoop of peanut butter.

danced slowly, languidly, naturally in each others' arms to a vintage country tune.

said i love you. said good bye. thought of love as the ultimate all-time thing.

especially on a thursday.

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