i don't know why you say goodbye, i say hello.

jeremy made me start this blog. he thought it would be a great idea to have someplace to put down all my strange thoughts and ideas. i was resistant, at first, as i often am with ideas that aren't my own.

but i contested and as usual, my darling husband was right.

i started off with drawings and stories, how-to posts on lemonade, pickle fishing and the construction of an awesome fort. i've tried all different things - stop motion movies, little cartoons, harmonica concerts, making whale shapes out of sticks - but i've always come back to this place of narration, observation, things i think about the world and ways in which i live within it.

i opened my shop and soon after felt a shift in my writing. not better, i'd say, that's dangerous and presumptuous, but as though i'd found my voice. as though i'd slipped into a chair that i wanted to spend not a morning in, but whole afternoons and evenings. slowly rocking, slowly thinking, always writing.

it felt like time to think about getting a website, something of my own, that would bring together the old and the new. the branding of my shop, the tone of my words, a simpler template where i could really hone in on the parts of my writing that i've come to treasure most - poetry, philosophy, photography, thoughts.

and so without further adieu, i'm proud to present to you idreamofdarwin.com.

i've decided not to migrate arm circles material over to the new space, (sometimes it's nice to just let go), but i won't disable or re-route it either. from time to time it will be good to check back on the old girl, reassured in the knowledge that she's still there.

to you, loyal reader, for being on the other side of this computer, for hearing what i have to say, for offering words back in exchange, i thank you. let's take this next step together. i think we're both ready.


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