wales (a woodland walk)

we also did some plain flat hiking in wales which was neither plain nor flat but i'm speaking in comparison to mountains and it's all relative eh? beauty here beauty there? beauty everywhere.

so much rain means so much plant growth on everything. the stone walls were covered in every shade of green. mosses, ferns, small goobery creatures inching their way along the tumbled, worn surfaces.

the place where we stayed backed onto snowdonia national park, just a short amble down a gentle slope and we were out of the fields and into the woods.

it actually had a bit of a british columbia vibe to it, damp and green and thick with life.

there were winding rivers and little wooden bridges. stones covered in blankets of moss. small iron gates in the middle of the forest which otherwise looked, untouched.

we found this waterfall and felt like we'd won the lottery. nature lottery! find something cool and you win!

i took my boots off so i could properly feel the rocks on my feet. for the purpose, of course, of later remembering.


steph said...

hahaha nature lottery. I feel like i won a free trip to Narnia in the lottery via these posts! Wales looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

you look like Link.

Erin said...

I can smell that green! <3

melly said...

SO CUTE you are.